CAPT O’Neil,

I wanted to thank you for the amazing trips this past summer!  The first trip with my wife Heather and I was a blast even though it was
cut short by the surprise storm, so it was good you put us on the fish early!  I was amazed how well you read the

clouds when you did, and got us back and docked just before the skies opened.  Heather and I will remember this trip for a long time. 
The second trip with my buddies was AWESOME too!  We had a great day and talked about the trip again over the Holidays.

Not sure when, but the guys and I hope the stars align so we can meet again for a trip within next year or two.

And just so you know, I had a bunch of friends over a couple months ago so I smoked a bunch of that Amber Jack with apple wood chips
and it was amazing!  We still have a few pounds of fish in the freezer, but when it’s gone you can bet Heather and I will

be back for another trip!

You brought new meaning to the phrase “tight lines” and you kept us busy reeling them in!  Thanks for the memories and hopefully see
ya again soon!

Rick Tester



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